Advantages of using WordPress

Advantages of using WordPress

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Advantages of using WordPress

Advantages of using wordpress

If you have a business like a cloth shop, or you want to raise your voice in front of people, you must have a fully functional and customizable website. WordPress makes it easy for you to make a website easily and especially for those who do not have a basic knowledge of coding. A website can be easily made with WordPress whether it is a personal blog or an e-commerce store

Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages as a rose flower grows in between thorns. But disadvantage does not mean that this thing can’t be used.

When it comes to creating a website, WordPress is the first choice among many users.

Many of us think and I also had that thought for a long time that WordPress is simple a blogging site but through the evolution of many years, WordPress came out as the most powerful website builder and content management system (CMS), Your website is more likely to be ranked on google index as google loves WordPress because of its neat and clean coding.

As a matter of fact, about 75 million of the total world’s websites depends upon WordPress

1. Flexibility of features

Flexibility of WordPress

When it comes to WordPress, it provides its users with the most friendly experience.

Whether you need a website for your personal blogs, blogging, or it comes to publish a powerful e-commerce website, it remains no problem for you if you are on WordPress.

It offers a variety of themes and plugins to customize your website and make it fully functional.

You can use WordPress regardless of your skills, whether you are a newbie, advance or professional at programming, WordPress functions same for every type of user

2. Very easy to manage

When you need to create new pages and format these pages for your website, it becomes very difficult if you use some other software to create your website. But WordPress provides a very easy and simple interface in which you can easily manage your website with just a few clicks

Very Easy to manage

You can even customize your website yourself without the assistance of any\web developer because WordPress makes it easy for you to do even minor or big customizations by yourself because you are the Owner!!

3.  Auto-update

The most interesting thing about WordPress is that the WordPress team is always working for the better experience of a user and trying to improve the speed of the website by fixing minor or big bugs

Also, the plugins and themes need to be updated because the main causes of being a website slow are the outdated themes and plugins.

And all the updates are done automatically and if you want to do it manually, You are just one button away, i.e. Update Now.

4.  Variety of Themes and Plugins

WordPress has the most evolving and growing directory of themes and plugins and this feature makes WordPress unique from other platforms

Wordpress themes

The themes are designed for the fully customizable feature of a website. The WordPress themes directory offers a wide range of themes from basic to premium to match the needs of your website whether it is a personal blog, e-commerce store or a business website

Wordpress Plugins - Advantages

Just like themes, WordPress offers a huge range of plugins to add features to your website. A plugin is a type of software that provides a specific feature to a website like a contact form, shopping cart, etc.

5.  SEO Friendly

It is the most unique feature of WordPress that google loves WordPress and that means your website or its content is more likely to rank on the first page of Google which will help you in getting organic traffic through a specific keyword search.

Google SEO

This is just because the coding of WordPress is very neat, clean, and simple.

It also offers some in-built themes and plugins which are indeed SEO-Friendly.

Moreover, WordPress offers adding specific keywords on image, titles, and descriptions via meta description, title tags, etc.

6.  Security

WordPress has added tons of plugins to maximize your security limit and protect you from threats of cyber crimes and hackers. However, if you don’t add a security plugin, your website is in danger that hackers might hack your website to steal your valuable information. As it is an open-source file, it is not highly protected without plugins.

7.  Responsive design

Wordpress Responsice Design

WordPress has introduced responsive themes that will open on a laptop as well as mobile phones without any merging of files or messy website views.

About 52.6% of traffic comes from mobile phones and it is very important that a website should be very much responsive in order to avoid any mishap.

Moreover, if you want your website to be highly optimized, it should be 100% mobile responsive because maximum traffic comes from mobile phones.

8.  Woo-commerce plugin


WordPress comes with an exciting feature of an e-commerce plugin known as woo-commerce. This plugin is helping many websites develop a free online productive e-commerce store. This plugin includes secure payments by credit cards and alternatives and an automated tax calculation system.

So if you want to make an e-commerce store, this plugin will work best for you.

9.  Multiple users

Being an administrator of your website, you can assign multiple users with different access levels to them. With this plugin, you can add as many users as you want to assign for your website for different levels i.e, readers, writers, editors, managers, etc.

10.  Social media integration

If you have a business and you are very busy in promoting your website on different social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Sassy social media plugin can help you a lot in this regard. Whenever you post new content to your website, this plugin will automatically share these posts to your linked social media accounts so you don’t have to waste your time on this work.


Now you know all the features of WordPress, we come to draw a conclusion that WordPress is easy to access. Its variety of basic and premium themes and plugins allows you to have access to a variety of new features i.e. adding a security feature, disabling screenshots, and text selections so users cannot copy your content. Moreover, WordPress is best for your website as it has unlimited plugins and themes that match every feature that you want to add to your website.

Pros Cons
Unlimited plugins and themes There might be a performance issue
Easy to handle WordPress is built with an old programming language PHP. You will need to learn a programming language to modify your website
Responsive designs to get traffic from mobile phones As WordPress is an open-source platform, it is more likely to be hacked
Auto-update feature to keep your website up to date and to avoid slowing down of your website
An open-source platform
Don’t require knowledge of programming and coding

Should you use WordPress?

Of course, you must use WordPress despite the cons as I mentioned above that a flower grows in between thorns. You should make a website with it because offers you a great variety of themes and plugins to match with your need and creating a website on WordPress is much easy to manage and handle.

Written by: Jawad Ali