Top 8 Programming Languages You Should Learn

Top 8 Programming Languages You Should Learn

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Top 8 Programming Languages You Should Learn

Now are the days of the internet and technology. In the past, some people were considered programmers but as the years passed, the programming industry kept on evolving. Now, many IT jobs require good know-how of programming languages and some jobs require multiple skills of programming language. If you are trying to start your career as a programmer to make a good living, you might be spending money and you must be trying to choose a specific language. These are some top languages which might help you in the future.

Top Programming Languages

1. Java

Top Programming Languages


Java is the most common, in-demand, and most desirable computer language owned by Oracle Corporation. Its demand is because of this language can be accessed on any platform like IOS, Windows, Mac, and Android, etc. and because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities. There are over 3 billion applications built with java. It is used in many fields like web and application development, big data, and backend of many popular platforms like Amazon, you-tube, twitter, etc. It was designed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem in 1996 and in 2020, it is celebrating its 24th Birthday. The good thing is that this language is easier to learn as compared to C/C++.

On average, a professional java developer earns around $80,000 yearly.

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2. Python

Programming Languages - Python

Python language was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991

Python allows beginners to become more productive in a short time. It’s one of the most common and famous programming languages for beginners as it easy to use and because of its readability, a free open programming language with extensive support modules, a user-friendly data structure, and popular programming language for machine learning, deep learning, and data science. It is used to develop 3D animation packages like Autodesk, blender, etc. Many popular games like Toontown, Vegas Strike Civilization IV are made with python. Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Survey Monkey are built in python.

Its versatile applications, powerful tools like java, and a friendly environment make it a good choice among beginners as well as professionals.   It is the best and widely accepted language in the world.

On average, a professional python expert earns around $77,000 per year.

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3. Swift

Swift Programming Language

In July 2020, Apple developed Swift so that IOS developers do not have to work with Objective-C.

In March 2020, Swift was ranked in the top 10 monthly TIOBE Index rankings of popular programming languages.

Swift is an open-source programming language and is easy to learn because it offers less programming as compared to other programming languages. IBM swift sandbox and many other systems can run this programming language. Many IOS apps like Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, sound cloud and annoying games like flappy birds are made with Swift. As apple is giving tough competition to the android market, and swift is used to make IOS apps, it is a good place to start to make IOS apps to generate revenue fast. It is optimized to match the realities of IOS Developers. It is a fact that it is deeply influenced by python and ruby which are fast, secure, and easy to learn. It is replaced by Objective-C which is the main language for apple-related applications.

On an average basis, a professional Swift programmer earns around $77,000 per year.

4. C#

It is a programming language that rose to fame in 2000. It is developed by Microsoft and created by Andres Hejlsberg who says

“This language is more like C++ than Java”

C# is a fast, secure, and easy to learn programming language. Its interface is quite similar to C and C++ (mentioned below) so it is very easy to learn for those who are already familiar with C and C++.

It is used in the programming of many popular websites like Bing, Visual Studio, and Market Watch. Also, it is a highly recommended language if you are a VR Developer. I would recommend this to you if you are a developer of 2D, 3D video games, and it is highly recommended in the Unity games engine which is available in the market as the owner of 1/3rd of the games.

Hence, it is clear that C# is used in windows as well as other platforms. It is fully integrated with .NET Library.

On an average base, a professional C# language expert earns around $69,000 per year.

5. C and C++

C++ Programming Language

C++ is the oldest programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983. As it is old, it provides a basis for many programming languages like java, javascript, and C#.

Many developers don’t learn this language because they consider it old but many developers love this language as it provides basic coding for other languages as well. Both C# and C++ are widely used in computer sciences and computer applications. It is also used in critical categories like Product site, video games, and adobe tools.

It is like salt and pepper in programming languages as it is used in almost all low-level systems like operating systems, file systems, etc.

A professional C++ programmer makes $77,000 every year.

6. GO

Go Programming Language

GO programming language also known as golang was developed on Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in 2009.

It is a little and famous language favored by Google.

It is easy to learn the language, so it is highly recommended for beginners. It is also ideal for those engineers who are willing to enter the programming field. It provides the Same functionality as C and C++ without steep learning methods. It is perfect for building decent web servers and even deep machine learning packages. It is a low-level programming language and is much easy to use. It is an open-source language, so ambitious programmers can see their contributions enjoyed by other programmers world-wide. It is on number 5 in the list of top preferred languages and is the fastest growing language on Github and is preferred to be used in place of java and C++

A professional GO expert makes around $75,000 annually.

7. PHP

PHP programming Language

PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994

It is one of the most famous developing languages for backends. PHP is facing tough competition from leading programming languages i.e. Python, javascript, etc, so PHP requires a wide range of PHP developers.

Those who want an old organization of backend development should consider PHP programming language. PHP provides a good system of tools for testing purposes. It is in fact not secure as it is one of the open-source languages and the error handling service is poor.

A professional PHP programmer earns a revenue of around $74,000 annually

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8. Ruby

Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is simple to learn and was developed in The 1990s and it’s old.

Ruby offers a human-friendly syntax and is flexible for the standpoint of object-oriented structure. A framework “Ruby on Rails” was implemented on Ruby. It is easy to write in and requires a short time to learn this language.

Ruby is of great interest in new programmers as it does not require any specialized language to get started. Airbnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Twitter, and countless webs or apps have used ruby in someplace. The community of Ruby is very friendly and has a saying, “Matz is nice and so we are nice”

A professional Ruby programmer earns around $90,000 annually.

Written by: Jawad Ali