Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020

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Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020

Are you a blogger? Do you edit videos regularly? Or do you want to watch movies and fun? Wondering what are the best softwares for you? Don’t worry because we got you covered. Here we’ll get down and dirty with some best software on the table. Let’s get right into it.

1. Bitbucket

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - BitBucket

The first one on the list is Bitbucket. It’s an online repository; used to store data and share it with others. The best thing about this software is that it’s completely free for a team of five. It even lets you have up to one gigabyte of storage space. It gives you unlimited public and private repositories. It lets you modify source code and development projects that use either Mercurial or Git.

Bitbucket or Github?

My personal opinion is that Bitbucket is better than Github. Well, there are two reasons for that; firstly Bitbucket has a very smooth interface while Github provides many functions but this only confuses a rookie. Also, Github does not support mercurial. In the end, both software has its pros and cons. One needs to look past the cons and see the merits.

Contents Bitbucket Github
Interface Smooth and easy to use Advanced
Functions Limited Advanced functions

2.  Zoho creator

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Zoho

Zoho creator is an Indian corporation. This software is extremely useful to the newbies. It lets people with no experience create an excellent looking mobile application.

  • You don’t need any coding experience or IT expertise, even a layman can use Zoho’s perfect and simple drag and drop interface. The interface looks like this;

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Zoho

  • We may use a statistical approach to check the credibility of this software. We know that numerics are everything in today’s world. According to Similarweb, the US uses about 51% and among other countries are India, Pakistan, and Canada, etc. such as;

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Zoho

  • This application comes at 10 dollars (USD) per month. You may get graphical reports and statistics of storage consumption in Zoho creator as well. It lets you coordinate with your colleges on a project as well. You may consider using this application in 2020

3. Microsoft visual studio

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Microsoft Visual Studio

It’s an integrated development environment designed by Microsoft. It provides the user with a number of very useful features that include;

  1. Developing computer programs
  2. Developing free websites
  3. Occasional online graphic work
  4. Developing web applications
  5. Countless web services and making phone applications

Now what’s good about this software is that it’s free. The community edition of this program comes for free. It is featured for students as well as open-source developers. This is an overall good platform for beginners who want to excel in multiple areas. This program also supports a number of languages. The languages supported by visual are given below:

  • C++/CLI, Visual Basic.NE, C#, F#, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML and CSS.
  • However many others such as Python and Ruby were supported in the past.

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Microsoft Visual Studio

  • This is how the installation looks like.

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Microsoft Visual Studio

Due to its easy scripture and amazing swiftness, Visual is a must-have in the world of today.

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4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Adobe Lightroom

First of all, there are two types of Lightroom. One is the original adobe Photoshop Lightroom while the other is the new Lightroom classic. The difference between the two is distinct. Classic works on desktop only while the other works on almost all platforms.

Ultimate comparison

  • A table has been provided to compare the two software of the same line.


Contents Classic (Lr) Original (Lr)
Digital photography work Desktop only. All (Android, web, and desktop, etc.)
Original contents location Local hard drive Cloud
Backup Not needed Cloud
Ease of use Comprehensive Streamlined
Photo search Manual keywords Automatic tagging and AI-based search

This table essentially highlights the importance of both species. Lightroom offers a free trial of up to one month to its users after which they may pay 9.99 dollars (USD) per month. This program is an important addition to your photo editing skills.

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Adobe Lightroom-1

Its smooth texture makes it an incredible choice for editing pictures in 2020. You may download it on the play store.

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Adobe Lightroom-2

5. Active batch

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Active Batch

Active batch is an excellent job scheduling tool. It helps people connect worldwide and integrate applications and databases. It has IT automation for windows as well with the active directory working on the SQL server. It’s however not free; users may pay up to 2,500 dollars (USD) for purchasing one license for the run-time edition.

  • Revision history and version control are available on active batch including IT operations that are secure and reliable. According to the system administrator at a fast rate, “If its digital, active batch can do it”
  • With techs such as digital infrastructure automation and script lifecycle management, it’s true that active batch is ahead of its time.

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Active Batch 1


6. Adobe premiere elements 2020

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Adobe Premiere Elements

Let’s make one thing clear, this isn’t just an app; it’s a teacher. It teaches you how to edit short clips to make movies. This app comes with a low cost and uses to use interface. It works on both Windows and MAC. It comes at 99.9 dollars (USD). It has time remapping as well as easing in and out of the video. It’s helping a countless number of people make a living through video editing worldwide.

  • The most important thing about this program is that it’s new and much like the other new programs by adobe it has all the new features pre-installed and ready to use.

If you are running the old element now is the time to upgrade!

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Adobe Premiere Elements 1


User-friendly apps to use in 2020

Apart from the programs listed above, there are two more amazing programs you can use in 2020. These are:

7. VLC media player

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - VLC Media Player

VLC is a relatively old program used for playing media files. It has a large content base and regulatory service across the globe. I’m sure all of you have played home alone on an outdated version of this app. one of the best softwares you should have on your PC.

8. Evernote

Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app. I mean who doesn’t stick notes on their fridge right? Now it’s been made digital with Evernote. You don’t have to stick ‘em notes to your fridge anymore! Ahoy to that.

Contents Evernote Sticky notes
Is it sticky? Absolutely not yes
Is it digital? yes no
Can you forget to look at it? Not a chance Maybe


Top Softwares You Should Use In 2020 - Evernote