What is Augmented Reality (AR) ?

What is Augmented Reality (AR) ?

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Augmented Reality (AR)

To maximize or change to a higher extent, a brief definition for AR. It is the type of virtual reality in which visual, olfactory, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and other real-world environments duplicated in computers. A rough definition is to combine reality and virtual reality and then generated by a computer. The real-world implications or images see with additional information combined by computer. It is to amplify the perception of the computer user of the world that they are connecting. It is one of the most interactive ways to experience the real world because the computer enhances the objects. Augmented reality is to redefine user and computer concerns through the scenes that visualize the real-time view of the environment. It concisely termed as to approach the real-world information as a whole. The devices used in augmented reality are display, helmets, optical projection systems, monitors, HMD, etc. These make easy access for a person for a 3D view. The lenses fixed in these devices that help visualize the image or object more clearly.

The purpose of augmented reality is to visualize the objects that are incapable of a direct vision of the environment and the direct interaction to it. It can quickly implicate in education, medicine, and entertainment. The usage and the work of augmented reality in these fields discussed below:

What is Augmented Reality ?

In Medicine,

It benefited many patients in recent years and advanced greatly to all the hospitals throughout the world. Health care professionals test augmented reality. It majorly used in surgical and training centers. It helps the surgeons to work effectively and efficiently, which makes ease for them as well. AR also favors identifying the problem through its 3D effect. It provides the ability to the doctors to see inside the patient quickly. It is becoming popular day by day in medicine. Augmented reality is beneficial for not hurting patients externally or internally. The 3D modeling helps the students to learn and explore. It also helps them to learn easily and quickly for the future.

Augmented reality is the best source to teach students. It is not only the source of better understanding; it can help them become better surgeons also. It found as a promising future for AR in the medical field. In the future period, that augmented reality will apply in every health care institution and capable of performing surgeries at a much above level and a much faster pace with the favor of AR.

Augmented Reality in Medicine

In Entertainment,

It satisfies the digital media efficiently, in recent times. It is playing a major role in our daily routines. The creative ideas in digital media acknowledged by augmented reality. The benefit of augmented reality availed by many people and provokes them to entertain. It found to be the complex of nature by fusing the elements and simplifying it in real-world applications.

Nevertheless, the foundation of Augmented Reality based on gaming and leisure activity applications and attractions of the theme park has become embellished as an upshot of recent developments in photography, imaging, and animation. The pursuing advancement of the clarifying power of technology of computers, whether single or multiple, can enable the expansion of Augmented Reality in the future.

Augmented Reality in Entertainment

In Education,

It helps the students to better understand through visualizing and to get a brief idea about the matter. Augmented reality used to let students interact with the things and objects that are implacable in real-world applications. AR makes the topic more interesting and makes the students pay more attention to their studies. The concept quickly cleared through more visualizing rather than imagining. The 3D effect in education is less time consuming and can be said cost-effective for students and educational departments. It favors the teachers and students both by saving their time and easily being understood by students. It can also help the toddlers to learn through 3D books.

Nevertheless, it is an effective way to learn authentically and provides experience and appeal in learners. It enhances the learning skills, and most beneficial is to engage them through different concepts and ideas.

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In Modern Day,

It emphasizes the vast range of applications that applied in the real world. Augmented reality is used in 3D mobile gaming, medical imaging, and architecture too. In recent years,  mobile collaboration has become very popular, and augmented reality favors it a lot as it used for tracking, microphone, and 3D games. It favors technology in a unique way that is noticeable. It merges audio and video contents firmly for people. Like many other fields, Augmented reality is also working majorly on architecture. It helps to broadcast the 3D image of the home onto a surface. Most of the apps show the x-ray vision of the houses as well, which found to be significantly less time-consuming and quick and easy.

Medical imaging and medicine discussed before. It helps to view the patient’s body from inside without incision or scar. It usually favors in detecting the disease or disorder inside the organ.

Augmented Reality

In Future,

Technology holds a significant focus on augmented reality. There are specific technical measures which are enlisted and summarized below,

GAMING, Controller-based video games, and motion detection games are taking the real-world environment into hands and making it possible to create AR reality games.

LEARNING, It primarily used in schools for learning purposes and to acknowledge the learners with an AR basis.

TRAINING, For practical business training, AR technology used that is more feasible for the employees to clarify classically.

BUSINESS uses the advantage through AR as it maintains the system’s needs and costs.

CIVILIZATION, It makes depth tracking and mapping for civilization purposes. It processes the data and shows digital content concerned with the user.



Augmented reality significantly impacts on the people living around the world as it is beneficial as well as important for many people around the globe. It is influencing our lives through education, entertainment, security, medicine, and technology. Augmented reality favors medicine in the form of making surgery more comfortable and quicker. AR helps the architectures to build and to work more efficiently quickly. Most importantly, it widely used for gaming and learning purposes for students and entertainers through mobiles, computers, and other devices. It helps things more comfortable to learn and understand. The vast range of augmented reality is compiled in military and robotics as well. The goal is to create a system that makes a difference between real and virtual imaging through augmented reality. It helps to increase knowledge and information.

But somehow it causes mental health issues and disorders. Lack of privacy is the biggest problem of AR.

It can use in all aspects of life, such as designing, marketing, business, medicine, entertainment, education, and tourism, etc. It expands the physical world of humans through computer devices. It enhanced the sense of knowledge and used to compete with the future world. It favors the product and service too. So it is found to be useful for the 21st century.